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Some (Interesting) Statistic on London Cycle Hires

Playing with data based on borus bikes in the English Capital.

Deploying a Ruby on Rails Application with Passenger

A simple guide to deploying a simple Rails application to VPS.

The Blockchain As A Series Of Tubes

Understanding bitcoin for layman

Working Around Google Maps KML Caching


Rails Turbolinks And AngularJS


Pie Chart CSS3

As I needed a pie chart for an assignment, I took the opportunity to try something new!

Computer Science And Economics Lecture In 45 Minutes

A great way to explain bitcoin, with computer science and economics in it!

First Week At Imperial College London

My first week at college

Thoughts Before Leaving For London

With the clock ticking, I will be eventually leaving my home soil to study in less than a day.

Bullshit with Authority

Bullshitting calls for some citation, which automagically makes it non bullshitting! (because you are relying on true facts)

Site Popup And Spinner

Making a div at the center of the page

Distinction Between Computer Science And Software Engineering

Undeniable, both fields do overlap each other. However, they are different fields although not clearly suggested by their names.

Youtube View Problem

It is common to know that youtube views are distributed normally. But what would happen if you plot a graph of the frequency of the first digit of numbers?

Qhost | Host Static Files locally for development

An elegant solution to host static files for development on the local machine with minimal code, powered by sinatra

Setup Postgresql On Os X

Setting up one of the most powerful database for non-advanced users

I Moved Your Cheese

A truly insightful and inspiring read to reflect on our everyday doings

Cup Pouring Problem

A classical computer science problem, exhibiting the strength of a simple graph searching technique

cli-yo | My First Ruby Gem

My first attempt to build a Ruby Gem, with a fun purpose behind!

Engineering brilliance and Me

Behind everything we see today, they are works of engineers

Blogging as a Diary

The reason behind me taking up blogging