About Me

I am Fu Yong, an ordinary boy from Penang, Malaysia. I am currently based in London, United Kingdom.

I like understanding how things work and making them work in a simple manner. Things are not limited to mechanisms or software - I am more than happy to listen (and maybe argue) how cell replication would work, or how protein sysnthesis can be replicated in a in-vitro environment.

I think I write program more than I talk to people. My favourite language (this has change at least twice in the last two years, but this one has stuck at least 5 months) is clojure. Reasons: Metaprogramming + (Kinda) Functional Programming. The satisfaction of writing a general-purpose (i.e., functional) macro (i.e, metaprogramming) is really good.

I am a student at Imperial College London, reading Electronic and Information Engineering.

I can be contacted via twitter @fyquah95 and fuyong@fyquah.me