Engineering brilliance and Me

Why does this phrase catch on me

As a kid I have always dreamed on being an engineer. It didn’t really matter back then whatever field it is in, I just want to make sure I am a creator, innovator and maker, which , back then, summarizes the core characteristics of a good engineer.

I grew old to realize that engineering is beyond that. It is backed by true brilliance. While the characteristics are still the core of a good engineer, the brilliance actually lies in Mathematics and science. Taking Taipei 101 as a good example:

Pretty neat huh

Little do we know, the tower is actually backed by an engineering brilliance (the grammar may be a little off, but I prefer to phrase it this way)

The maths and science supporting the high-rise tower

So what makes this interesting? Little do we know, this is a simple application of several scientific principles, namely Simple Harmonic Motion , Moments of Intertia and Torque. Google those up if the appeal to you. The big damper ball (its actual name) was a critical factor ensuring the tower’s stability, as portrayed in the 2013 Taipei incident. Its oscillation prevented it from collapsing by varying its position, hence canceling off the moment caused by the earth quake.

Perhaps it wasn’t clear back then, but those engineer’s insistence of having the pendulum displayed publicly actually make sense!

Implementations of engineering brilliance are, while not easy to spot, actually around us every day. For example, Nikola Tesla, the man behind AC current; Larry Page, creator of PageRank algorithm(the back bone of Google search engine). I can go on and on, but I prefer to sum up with one sentence.

In a nutshell

Engineering is awesome. Period.